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A persuasive and informative trial presentation has always been key to a successful case. Now with standardized media technology in this new millennium, media-savvy jurors are more receptive to immersive courtroom presentations than ever before. In fact, jurors often use the opening statement as a framework for the overall truth, asking themselves:

  • Camera operator with modern professional equipment working during film shootingWhat happened?
  • Who is being truthful?
  • Who deserves to win?

Factual, persuasive, and emotional cues provide jurors with a lens through which they view the evidence presented during the trial. And since their greatest attention will be at the start of the trial, with up to 80% of jurors making up their mind after hearing the opening statements, there is no margin for error when it comes to successful trial presentation.


Litigation Support In Orange County

When it comes to compelling trial presentations, having access to full litigation support services is a must. As a marriage of project management and technology, litigation support presents crucial electronic materials through modern computer systems. Not only does that include electronic courtroom presentations, but also the management and analysis of paper and electronic documents. Irvine court reporting agencies can make organizing and retrieving case data cost effective and time efficient by using their electronic indexing systems.LOGO3

Consider Abram, Mah & Kahn Reporting & Video Conferencing Services, as well as their dedicated litigation support specifically designed to collect, identify, preserve, process, review and analyze data in order to best represent your client today.

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