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The Legal World is Changing Thanks to New Technologies

One of the ways that the legal profession has changed is through the onslaught of new technology that has redefined how lawyers work. New tools have changed every aspect of the legal process, from preparing cases inside the law firm to presenting them to juries in the courtroom. These tools range from simulcast digital streaming of depositions to mobile-friendly email forms and synchronized video.

irvine-court-reporting-companiesThese new tools have changed the court reporting industry as well, and Irvine court reporters at Abrams, Mah & Kahn have worked to position themselves as the source for the latest in legal technology and litigation support tools as well as the reliable court reporting and transcripts that are crucial every day.

AMK Is Your Irvine Court Reporting Firm

Videoconferencing has become an important part of how lawyers work every day. This tool can be used in a variety of ways, and lawyers have integrated videoconferencing into their work in order to lessen some of the demands that travel places on their work. It can be used as portal to work with lawyers collaboratively, and it can also be used to facilitate remote depositions. Realtime reporting is also important for lawyers because it can be a time-saving tool, giving lawyers immediate access to transcripts as proceedings unfold. The rough transcript can be streamed to a laptop or even a portable device in any location.

When lawyers are in the courtroom, they need support as they work with different types of media. Online repositories and litigation support tools can help lawyers organize their case materials and deliver them to juries in new ways. Immersive presentations can give media savvy jurors a way to see your arguments in ways that allow them to take them into the deliberation room.

Fast, Efficient and Reliable

amk-logoIrvine court reporting firms at Abrams, Mah & Kahn pride themselves on being nimble enough to meet the changing demands of the legal professional. Their experience can be a valuable asset for today’s top attorneys.

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